"My Connect Group reinforced a lot of the things that were lying dormant in me.  It made me seriously think of being more pro-active in the church and do something worthwhile for Jesus.  I would love to see the guys get together on a regular basis and exchange ideas that can be implemented. Overall a wonderful time." - Binu P.

"The Connect Group allowed & showed me the importance of friendships with other Christian men."                       - Chris P.  

"Facilitating a Connect Group has been such a tremendous blessing to me.  A real way of truly connecting to church ladies and supporting one another." - Shelley N.

"I like being part of Connect Groups because I get to know my Christian sisters and not just see the back of their heads in Church." - Geraldine M.

"I enjoy the Thursday morning women's prayer group.  Everyone needs help from each other and it's great to have prayer partners that they can call upon especially in time of great distress." - Joan Z.