"Thank you for the Growth Track meetings; I have fully enjoyed them, but I was especially affected last night.  I left the meeting feeling like I had been handed a set of tools and it was now my decision if I was going to use them.  I felt confronted by God and buried dreams; I was given insight into myself.  I saw myself standing at a fork in the road with a decision to make; my thinking shifted.  When I was asked us to write down one thing I felt God was calling me to do, I immediately knew my answer, I have known it for years.  Writing it down, my heart began to pound, my hands started shaking, and I felt like I just wanted to break down and cry...these meetings and lessons have not fallen on deaf ears, and have made a difference in my life personally."

                                                                             Gayle P. (February 2017)


"Growth Track was very helpful in recognizing some of the spiritual gifts that I have within me."

                                                                              Jason L. (February 2018)


"I enjoyed Growth track because it reassured me that what I have to offer Evangel is needed."

                                                                               Roberta M. (February 2018)